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Management Bodies

Largo da Imaculada Conceição Nº1

2150-125 GOLEGÃ

Phone: +351 249 979 060

Fax: +351 249 979 069











Paul do Boquilobo Nature Reserve

Department of Nature Conservation and Forests of Lisbon and Tagus Valley

CNEMA - Qtª das Cegonhas - PO Box 59
2001-901 SANTARÉM.
Phone: +351 243 306 530

Interpretation Center

Quinta do Paul, Brogueira

2350-052 Brogueira

Phone: +351 249 820 378




How to get...

The main access to the Paul do Boquilobo Biosphere Reserve is via the AE-1, exiting at the Torres Novas Junction, heading towards Golegã on the EN 243, crossing Campo da Golegã towards Azinhaga and then taking the EM 570 and CM 1179 to Quinta do Paul.

Coming from Lisbon on the AE-1, you can also exit at Santarém heading towards Pombalinho and Azinhaga.

The Reserve is also accessible from the North railway line, leaving at the stops in Mato Miranda or Riachos or Entroncamento station.

It should be noted that on the agricultural roads that give access to the reserve, for safety reasons, you can only drive between 07:00 and 19:00.


Important coordinates:

Golegã Center:No. 39.401626; W 8.487067

Center of Azinhaga:No. 39,347183; W 8.528287


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