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Management Unit


The Management Unit comprises an executive group, made up of ONGATEJO (which chairs it), Golegã City Council, Torres Novas City Council and the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests, as well as a Monitoring Committee, made up of various local actors and agents in the area of nature and environmental conservation, economic activities, public administration institutions and the scientific area.


The executive group is supported by a consultative group that includes all relevant partners and stakeholders in the region, with a total of 51 members, including all sectors and interests present in the RBPB, thus contributing to participatory management and a governance structure that reflects the current reality in the region.



The members of the Advisory Board are as follows:




  • ACIS - Restaurant and local accommodation representative


  • Agromais

  • Agrotejo - Agricultural Union of the North of the Tagus Valley

  • Grouping of schools in the municipality of Golegã

  • Group of schools Artur Gonçalves

  • Group of Gil Pais schools

  • Ribatejo waters

  • ANTE - National Association of Equestrian Tourism

  • APA/ARH Tejo

  • APPCR - Charneca Ribatejana

  • Golegã hunting association

  • Azinhaga hunting and fishing association

  • Association of Hunters of Alcorochel and Brogueira

  • Creek Hunters Association

  • City Hall of Golegã

  • City Hall of Torres Novas

  • Cespoga

  • CIMLT - Lezíria do Tejo Urban Community

  • Golegã Fishermen's Club

  • Confederation of Ongas – appointment of a representative

  • CTIC


  • Ribatejo Regional Tourism Entity

  • Higher Agricultural School of Santarém

  • Faculty of Sciences Coimbra

  • ICNF

  • Polytechnic Institute of Tomar

  • Higher Institute of Agronomy

  • JAVRA - Almonda River Valley Farmers Board

  • Parish Council of Azinhaga

  • Parish Council of Brogueira

  • Parish Council of Golegã

  • Parish Council of Pombalinho

  • Parish Council of Riachos

  • Mendes Gonçalves SA

  • Agricultural Museum of Riachos

  • Rural Museum of Golegã




  • Quinta da Broa

  • Quinta da Cholda

  • Miranda farm

  • Paul's farm

  • Quinta dos Álamos

  • UNESCO Representative in Portugal

  • I resist

  • Horse and Ribatejo Route

  • Tejo D'Honra

  • Tejus

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