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Events, Animation and Culture

National Horse Fair - FNC - Golegã

Part of the Feira de S. Martinho, the Feira Nacional do Cavalo is now the biggest national event in the equestrian world.


It is the fair in which the traditional, rural and Marialva country walks along the typical village of Golegã. It is a festival that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year who, out of taste, curiosity or tradition, continue to seek out this Ribatejo village during autumn. Taste the water-foot and jeropiga and eat the roasted chestnuts. 


In this unique environment, dedicated to equestrian culture, there will be room for the most diversified initiatives such as driving competitions, presentation of thoroughbred horses, presentation of mounted horses, competitions of show jumping and riding horses, horseball games, in addition to a continuous parade of horse riders and carriages in Largo do Arneiro.


Expoégua - Golegã

Organized around May of each year, Expoégua is an event for lovers of horses and traditional products, which is like an appetizer of the great November event that encompasses the popular tradition of S. Martinho and the National Horse Fair.


Expoégua is an event dedicated to the "mothers and daughters" of all horse breeds, bringing together a large number of horse breeders, namely pure Lusitano horses.


In addition to exhibitions of mares, foals and  poldras, the event has the Expoégua National Contest, where   will be chosen the best specimens present, as well as a hundred number of riding, driving and other equine events.

Pilgrimage to São Martinho - Golegã

The Pilgrimage to São Martinho has been held since 2002 and is an annual initiative that forms part of the ExpoÉgua programme, an event that takes place around May in the village of Golegã. It is a collection of pilgrims, who travel on horseback or in horse-drawn carriages.


The parade departs from Largo da Feira towards one of the county's churches, where a religious ceremony is held outside the church where pilgrims watch from atop their horses and carriages. 


The litter with the image of Saint Martin is then transported on horseback to the bank of Alverca (flooded area) of Golegã, where some boats are waiting for the arrival of the procession to transport the Saint to the garden of Equuspolis, in another part of the village. Finally, the country lunch took place until sunset and fraternization continued, dancing and snacking.


Bodo Festival - Azinhaga

The Festa do Bodo is a festival in honor of the Divine Holy Spirit that takes place in the Parish of Azinhaga at the end of May every 4 years. The streets of Azinhaga are filled with flowers decorating the streets of the land and giving it a particular color.


In about four days of festivities and traditions, there are a hundred activities including symbolic processions for collecting and distributing bread,   bullfighting events (bull run and bullfights) and nightly entertainment with concerts and DJs that prolong the animation into the night.


The collection of "Bodo", the name given to bread donated by the population, is the high point of the festival.






Tradition Coupling - Golegã

History, beauty, sport, tradition. These four words seem to perfectly define this type of event that regularly animates the town of Golegã.


Whenever these events take place, the small town of the District of Santarém “dresses up” with pomp and circumstance to host the Tradition Driving and Automobile Tradition Contests. The perfect pretext for horses, coaches, carriages and vintage and collectible cars that are part of everyone's imagination to take to the streets. 


The Tradition Driving test, which is already a reference on the international scene, is usually held at Quinta da Brôa Park, owned by the Veiga family. At this stage, the quality of the car, its restorations, the good condition of the harness, the presentation of the horses and the competitor and his companions are appreciated.

Subsequently, the race consists of a 14 kilometer route along the roads and streets of Golegã, where they encounter various difficulties that must be overcome with mastery, ingenuity and elegance.



National Fair of Nuts - Torres Novas

Held uninterruptedly since 1985, this is an event that year after year reaffirms Torres Novas as the «Dried Fruit Capital» but above all aims to boost a sector with strong roots in Torrejas tradition and culture.


In a world in constant mutation, and where the speed of change is ever more vertiginous, the Feira Nacional dos Frutos Secos perfectly reflects the potential of an alliance between tradition and innovation, combining objectives of differentiation and quality with the transmission of knowledge and of involvement of the Torreja community and the visitor.


Among the main objectives of the Fair are the dynamization and dignification of the sector of dried and dried fruits, the preservation of knowledge and flavors associated with dried fruits, with main emphasis on the tradition, culture and heritage of Torreja.



Medieval Fair - Torres Novas

With an annual periodicity, and since its first edition in 2010, Torres Novas goes back in time to the heights of its medieval fair. During this great event, the whole city is involved in the spirit of giving new life to History, and the days are filled with magic, animation and surprise, in a historic center where a renovated castle and a square are full of life. A party full of colour, smells and flavors of yesteryear, which invites the visitor to an authentic journey through time.


Considered one of the best medieval fairs in the Iberian Peninsula, it stands out from others that take place in our country for its strong pedagogical component, useful in transmitting knowledge about local and national history, along with the historical rigor inherent in the entire event.


A permanent animation program, musical and theatrical performances that provide historical context, parades and dances, along with a program of recreational activities and historical interpretation, ensure its strong pedagogical component.


Blessing of the Cattle - Riachos

The Feast of the Blessing of the Cattle in Riachos takes place every four years around the month of July.

This is a festival with popular roots, organized mainly by the people of the land, based on their very own cultural manifestations.


The procession of the blessing of cattle, which today is also the blessing of agricultural machinery, gives the central meaning to these festivities. It is here that the tradition of the beginning of the 20th century is fulfilled, in which this festival was held every year, in honor of S. Silvestre, patron saint of fields and animals. Another of the traditions that give meaning to this festival is the procession of Senhor Jesus dos Lavradores, the religious image behind the legend that gives a sacred dimension to these festivities.


In addition to the traditional and religious moments, the Feast of the Blessing of the Cattle is the main meeting point for the locals, where there is a lot of celebration with shows, exhibitions, processions, bullfighting, sports and much more.


festa almonda.jpg
Almonda Festivities - Torres Novas

The Almonda Festivities annually mark the elevation of Torres Novas to the status of city, a date that is celebrated on the 8th of July. With a program usually filled with various artistic and sports proposals, and which is divided into several days of festivities, the late afternoons and nights of July are in Torres Novas a true invitation to listen to and dance to good music, watch a family theatre, walking a path in the mountains or simply carefully drawing the red flowers in the garden.

The tradition of taverns, where the tables are filled with food and conversation, the sale of handicrafts or the Folklore Festival are examples of what you can expect when visiting Torres Novas at this time. The large space that hosts this event and which is right in the heart of the city is called Jardim das Rosas, and is located next to the bank of the Almonda river that gives them their name.

The Almonda Festivities cross and confront styles and trends, seeking to maintain a living coherence between what was and the new ingredients for what will be. That's why, every year, we meet again in Jardim das Rosas, to eat, drink and listen to music together, to dance classics or new sounds and have fun by the river.

cabrito 01.jpg
Goat Gastronomic Festival - Torres Novas

The Municipality of Torres Novas, in collaboration with restaurants in the municipality, promotes this Goat Gastronomic Festival.

The gastronomic specialties available range from kid roasted in the oven with potatoes and turnip greens to kid in a pucara, passing through stew or kid curry, not forgetting the sweets based on traditional products from the region, namely the dry fruits of Torres Novas.

This initiative, which aims to contribute to the affirmation and preservation of one of the typical dishes of Torreja gastronomy, also intends to support the catering sector and attract the visitor's attention to the unique aromas and flavors of the local gastronomy.

cabrito 02.jpg
feira antiguidade.jpg
Antiques, Antiques & Collecting Fair - Torres Novas

On the fourth Sunday of the month, the city of Torres Novas hosts the Antiques, Antiques & Collecting Fair, which also holds some secrets and treasures.

From crockery to books, from postcards to stamps, among other objects and souvenirs from the past.

In case of bad weather, the Fair takes shelter from the rain and changes its premises to the Market.

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